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Into programming


What it Can Do!

With programming, you can create anything, games, websites, art, advanced AI, anything. All you need is a imagination!

Web Design

Languages include, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and more!

App Development

This consists of many different languages, from C# to Python.


Knowing how to code can help you in, advertising, marketing, etc. You can create things or sites that will bring in profit.


Being a programmer is not easy, but it is really a job, programmers in the US make ~90k yearly salary.

My Portfolio

I started with Web Development, and came here to tell you. It was difficult. But I did it, and so can you.

About Us

We want to show people how easy programming is and how fun it can be. I highly suggest if you are interested. Pay us a visit! :D

Who We Are

We are a community of programmers dedicated to helping others learn and helping in general.

What We Are

We have monthly challenges, a nice community, we work on projects together, and much more.

Why Choose Us

We are a community, as I said, dedicated to helping others with programming, we have very nice moderators, admins and owners who are always keeping everything in tip top shape!.


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Muffins In The Office!


Drinks Finished!



Meet the Staff

We Have 17 staff members, some of which are:



Founder / Owner

Owner Of CodeANode & a great programmer!



Head Admin

A amazing programmer, taught me almost everything I know about web development (:




A OK programmer and yeah, I'm the one coding this, this as in, the thing your reading.



Head Admin

A very experienced programmer, if he starts to help you I would listen, for sure.

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